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A-1 Sweets is serving sweetness since 1965,
We at A-1 Sweets believe in providing wide variety of sweets with the perfect blend of joy and satisfaction.

We are traditional sweet shop with a retro style, selling your favourite sugary (and sugarless) treats in Ulhasnagar. Mr. Madhavdas Jaisinghani the founder of A-1 Sweets had a modest beginning with this remarkable idea of serving sweets with happiness. He started this firm in the year 1965. A-1 sweets is a 100% vegetarian sweetmart, offering sweets for weddings, birthday parties, family gathering, religious events, corporate events, etc. A-1 also started the snack box culture in Ulhasnagar. Giving the best service to their customers and ensuring a pleasurable experience at A-1 sweets.


Madhavdas kanayalal Jaisinghani had a modest beginning with A-1 sweets around 50 years ago. Years down the line, A-1 is a name reckon with, for sweets in Ulhasnagar with mawa-sev barfi being its hottest seller. After the father(1994), sons Deepak and Bharat served many customers everyday and took their family business one more step ahead. A-1 is a place worth visit. A-1 Sweets was started in the year 1965. A-1 started as a snack corner including morning snacks like daal-pakwan, daal-puri, bhajiya, etc and evening sweets like maalpura, halwa, jalebi, etc. With the market research and personal approach they noticed the switch of tastes in customers from snack to sweets. Hence slowly and gradually A-1 got completely converted into a sweet mart in 1988 with the introduction of wide variety of sweets in the market.

Mantra of success by Mr.Bharat Madhavdas Jaisinghani
"99 rupees will never become 100 rupees without adding 1 rupee" He meant If you value every 1 rupee coin like a 100 rupee note than the money will be doubled! Its never with the money you have in your hands. Its always with the value you carry with that amount of money!
A-1 started selling in local areas and with the great hardwork it reached to many corners of our nation. The taste the quality A-1 perceives is itself a benchmark. As a result people had a strong desire to buy a A-1 product. Mr. Anil Deepak Jaisinghani joined the business in the year 2008 and Mr.Vicky Deepak Jaisinghani joined the business in the year 2012. These young minds had a unique approach towards the business. There inspiring ideas and enthusiastic approach was cherry on top for A-1.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide customer pleasing quality and services with the strike of Quality along with Packaging.


We have the best and well trained staff to serve the customers just the way they want.


It is our mission to reach many more corners of the world and introduce more variety of sweets in the market. We understand the fact that there is always a room for improvement so the work plans are always in force to serve our customers with the best we have. Our focus is mainly on customer satisfaction by providing various before and after sales services. It’s the purity we buy from which the purity we make.


A-1 Sweets Was Mentioned in Times of India a long time ago because of the great success of the Business. The growth of A-1 sweets is really a remarkable journey. From selling snacks to sweets, from serving few to hundreds, the purity and the way the business is carried was the reason it was appreciated in Times Of India. A Journalist named Suhas Rellekar put a light of success of A-1 sweets and it was a great honor for A-1 sweets to get mentioned in TOI and also have a first choice for the customers.

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